8th April 2009

We got up about 7am again; well actually we were woken up by the sound of an alarm going off somewhere.  I knew it was inside our van, but we didn’t know where.  So Paul got up and traced the sound.  It was my small travel alarm clock, which the alarm hadn’t worked on for months! It suddenly decided to work whilst hidden away in one of the under-seat lockers.  So we got up and had our showers.  The camp showers turned out to be quite clean and civilised, so there was no need to use the on-board shower, which was okay but quite small. After breakfast, we packed up the van and set off for Weymouth – our next stop.  We got to Crossways campsite about 1:30 pm and after checking in, drove around three times trying to choose a pitch.

We finally settled on one which was on grass as the only hard standings they have overlook their storage area which wasn’t very nice. We always try to pick a hard standing pitch because that seems easier, but later on we realised that as long as the ground wasn't too wet, there were advantages to having a softer surface. You try banging the securing pegs for the awning into a concrete pitch!

Hooray Sunshine at last!  Crossways Camping Dorset
We were in a dip surrounded by trees, with birds singing – very pleasant. We sat on chairs in the sun under the awning, but what a palaver working out how to put the chairs up! It took us over half an hour, with me saying, ‘Don’t force it because you’ll break it,’ and Paul saying, ‘But it’s got to work somehow, the legs should go this way.’  He did it in the end by forcing it lol. Steve and Ann - Paul’s brother and sister-in-law - are coming soon and we are all going to the nearby pub for dinner, so we’re looking forward to that.  Paul had to spend £10 at reception on a length of co-axial aerial cable to get the TV to work, and we didn’t have any internet signal either, but that doesn’t matter – the lovely surroundings make up for it.

The meal at the pub was okay and we had a lovely evening with Steve and Ann.  Ann then drove us back to the campsite.

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