6th April 2009

Well, that’s it; we’re now homeless and will spend the next however long living in our motorhome!
The plan is for a year, but it may be shorter or longer than that, depends how we get on.
So, the removal company finished by about 12:30 pm and after a final check round the bungalow, we set off about 1:00 pm.  I was a bit sad as I felt that I was leaving Fluff behind, but I hope she will be with us wherever we go.

We spent the first night in Bognor Regis at Rowan Park campsite. We got there about 3ish and spent some time putting away all our stuff.  I’m surprised at how much we can actually store – it’s more than I thought.
Then Sandy collected us 5:45 pm and we went back to hers for dinner.  She took us back to the van about 10:00 pm, and Paul and I slept like logs.  The bed is lovely; we both slept really well in it.

Everything in and Ready for Bed

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  1. This was the start of a great few months away - happy days :)