16th April 2009

We had the work done on the van this morning, and while we waited, I did some washing and drying.  The tumble dryer wouldn’t work halfway through the cycle and Paul broke the button when he pressed it in rather forcefully, so we had to get the camp warden to fix it.  She didn’t know how to mend it, but she did do a really good French Pleat in my hair whilst we waited for someone else to fix it.  Eddie Vanbitz sorted out the dryer eventually.

We left the site and made our way to the New Forest –Black Knowle Camping Club - the nicest campsite so far with ponies and donkeys wandering around everywhere.  It was very busy though with lots of caravans and children.
French Pleat courtesy of Eddie Vanbitz Staff

You can contact Vanbitz at this link.  The best in the land for security and power systems, and a great campsite to boot. Vanbitz Website

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