24th April 2009

We left Marcilly, crossed the Seine again on the way to Amboise on the River Loire, and stopped at a Leclerc to get some shopping and have some lunch in their cafĂ© – a really nice pizza – then we arrived at the municipal campsite set on an island in the middle of the River Loire. I checked out the showers and toilets.  Honestly the French have some strange notions about loos and things.   These were awful! There were no toilet rolls - you have to provide them yourself - and after using the paper, you’re meant to put it in a little box behind you - not down the loo - but there’s no sink to wash your hands.  Yuck, that’s disgusting! There’s no way I’m putting my hand where other people have been putting their pooey hands. I flushed mine down the loo.  Ugh the French are so gross!!
Amboise on The River Loire
It was really warm and sunny, so we sat out and sunbathed for a while.  When we went inside, I saw myself in the mirror - saw the cellulite on my arms and my fat tummy - and got upset.  I had a talk with Paul and said ‘we can’t continue eating the way we are.’ He is also overweight – obese really with a big tummy and man boobs – which as well as looking awful, is bad for our health.  So we went for a walk round the site, and I got bitten by loads of midges that were flying around.  We must have swallowed tons as well. We went back to the van, played AC, watched TV and went to bed.

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