20th April 2009

We got up early and showered, had breakfast then set off to Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel train.  We chose this route because it was easy. It’s not the cheapest, just the most practical.  We booked tickets on-line using our Tesco Clubcard points so it cost us nothing.

We arrived at the terminal earlier than we expected to, so we caught an early train.  Thankfully it was all quite straightforward.  You’re never sure when you haven’t done something before how complicated it’s going to be, but it was okay.  The same as crossing in a car really.

Eurotunnel So civilised
Once in France, we initially got a bit lost as we were only going to use Route Nationale roads not motorways so that we didn’t have to pay tolls.  This is a lot slower, but we had plenty of time anyway.  We called at a garage to top up with fuel and this is when the petrol gun got stuck and wouldn’t switch off.  We lost a lot of diesel and made a mess everywhere.  I bet the garage staff said, ‘Bloody Brits’ or something similar ha ha.  We then stopped at a supermarket and stocked up with food and other bits – BBQ tools and a sieve for rice.  We had some lunch then drove to our first stop at Amiens.
Our first French campsite toilets!
The campsite is okay, although not up to UK standards, and is set on the edge of the city of Amiens. The showers aren’t great so just as well I had one this morning, as I won’t be using them tomorrow.  Only part of the facilities were actually in operation as it’s still out of season here.  I suspected they would be a bit grim – after all this is a country that still uses holes in the ground as toilets - so we can’t expect much from their camping facilities.  (Note from Paul, this is just Tina’s natural Xenophobia - intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries - she loves the French really ha ha!)

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