15th September 2009

Another rainy day and we were stuck in the van all day again.  We've had a long talk and decided to go back home, well to the UK.  We've got to the stage where the weather isn't very good, it's dark early in the evenings now, a lot of the campsites are closing down for the season, and come November we will have to tax and re-insure the van for another year as well as renew our Caravan Club and other memberships, so it's really decision time.

We've had a great time, but all we seem to be doing now is drive to a campsite, sit in the van all day and then move on to another.  It might have been better, with hindsight, for us to have bought a caravan and car as we could have driven off to see places rather than sitting around, but it's the one thing that isn't so easy to do when you have a 27 foot long van to park and manoeuvre everywhere.  I feel a bit sad that our adventure is coming to an end, but we’ve spent nearly six months travelling which is a hell of a lot more than we both thought we’d do.  We've seen some great things and magnificent countryside like the Sierra Nevada, Algarve, Glencoe and the Mosel valley.

The plan is to go back to the UK, buy a car, maybe an S type Jaguar, rent somewhere to live and sell the motorhome (shame) and after the new year, maybe in April, go to Italy by car and stay in hotels and see some of the sites we’d have tried to go to in the van, like the Trevi Fountain, Rome, Florence and so on.  So at least we have something to look forward to, and I have the added bonus of being back near my family as we’ve decided we’ll try and find a property near Tavistock in Devon.

We’ve under spent our budget on this trip and provided we can get a decent price for the van, we could afford to do another trip next year. Paul has sorted out a route home and we'll leave tomorrow and hopefully be back in the UK by next Monday.

We both spent the day online and I did some more editing of my book.

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