12th September 2009

We've decided to head back into Germany, and to try and find a nice site over near the French border.  I suppose we should have done this yesterday instead of going through all the bloody hassle with the Go-Box. There are no other English people on this site, so nobody to talk to, we can't get a TV signal, it's raining again and I don't want to sit inside the van all day with nothing much to do.  This doesn't matter too much in the summer but it now gets dark about 6pm and you can't sit outside when it's like this. We tried to get our money back for the internet card, but the woman wouldn’t give it to us. Horrible cow.

We obviously wouldn’t get to see Italy or Switzerland as we had originally planned, but could do that maybe next spring when the weather is likely to be a bit better.
So! we won't be going in this direction then?
We drove for about nine hours in all today, a large chunk of it being spent trying to get our money back from the Go-Box.  The first garage didn't sell them, the second, which was about 40 miles inside the German border, did and said we would get a credit for €56 which means our little detour into Austria had cost us €24 or about £20!!  What with the woman at the campsite refusing to give us back the money for the internet access we didn't use, our impression of Austria was not altogether good!!  Now we have to check our bank and see if we do get the money back on the Go-Box.  I won't hold my breath!

We arrived at the new campsite which is situated in the triangle where the borders with Switzerland, Germany and France meet near to Basel and Mulhouse.  It's a nice site although we couldn't see very much of it as it was nearly dark.  If it's as nice as it looks, we'll stay for a week.  Poor Paul is absolutely knackered, I felt sorry for him having to drive all that way as he's still suffering with a cold and needs to have a rest.
Lug Insland Erlebnis camping Bad Bellingen

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