4th September 2009

We were going to stay at the site but Paul didn't like the showers either so we left and drove back towards Heidelberg and then to the Hockenheim Motor Racing circuit as Paul wanted to visit it.  He asked the man at the gate whether we could go inside and drive round and the man said yes so we went in.

Hockenheim Motor Racing Circuit
I took some photos.  It's a shame we couldn't get to the Nurberg ring as well but that wasn't on our route.  Maybe on the way back.

We then drove to the next campsite, Konigskanzel Camping near Freudenstadt in Baden Wurttemberg.  It was raining again and the campsite was on the side of a hill.  They didn't have too many hard standing pitches and the only other thing we could find near reception, was under a bloody great pylon.  Sorry, we're not camping underneath a pylon.
Camping Konigskanzel
Paul drove down further into the campsite and we found a grass pitch under some trees.  He wasn't too happy though, with the rain being quite heavy, he was worried that the van would sink in overnight and we’d have trouble getting out again.  We were also a long way from the showers so I hoped it would stop raining soon!  We should probably have gone on to a different site but I want Paul to have some rest.

We couldn't get an internet signal as we were too far from reception.  Shame as their internet is free.

I cooked a Spagh Bol for dinner and play AC and Paul went to bed.

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