10th September 2009

The weather is on the turn so we think we'll leave today and press on towards Austria.  Paul really wants me to see some mountains but I'm not that keen if it means going on little roads with massive drops at the side.  He's told me we'll be going on motorways and we will have to buy a special tag to fix in the front of the van which clocks our mileage and charges us the toll.  Not sure how this all works!

We found a Real supermarket so stopped for provisions and bought a couple of rolls for lunch.  We then drove to a campsite near Fussen.  On the way we saw the wonderful castle Hohenschwangau and took some pictures.
Schloss Hohenschwangau in Bavaria
The campsite is the Via Claudia and overlooks a pretty lake and had a few swarms of midges which worried me.  However, the showers and toilets were, as usual, in very good condition so we decided to stop at least for one night.
Camping Via Claudia
We paid €5 for a 24 hour internet access card but we are suspicious that the 24 hours runs from the moment you log in and continues even if you're not using it.  It's such a con this internet access business, but not as much as in France.

We couldn't watch TV as Paul couldn't get a satellite signal, I fear we are too far south now and won't be able to get a signal anymore with the size of dish we have.

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