13th September 2009

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary.  We both got up and headed for the showers and when we returned we opened our anniversary cards.  Aww Paul's is one of those really lovely Art Deco ones.  We went down to reception to sign in as we didn't have time last night, and then we sat in the van and went on-line as they have free WiFi hooray!

As they also have what looks like a nice restaurant, we decided to have a celebration lunch so we got ready and walked down to the restaurant.  It was a typical ‘Stube’, rustic wood and loads of flowers in baskets everywhere.
Campsite "Rustic" restaurant our 10th Anniversary
Paul had a venison steak and I had a pork steak which was nice but too big and a little under-cooked for my liking, but it was very good food.  It’s obviously popular with the locals as well, as it was packed.  At one point and elderly lady came and asked Paul if she and two other people could share our table.  Paul explained that we were celebrating our anniversary and would sooner be alone.  She didn't seem too pleased but I don't want to share my table with a bunch of strangers all talking German thank you!

We went back to the van and had a snooze as we’d been drinking Champagne and wine and I'm no good drinking at lunchtimes, it just gives me a headache.

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