6th September 2009

We got up and ate our breakfast outside and then walked up to the reception area where there’s free Wifi. On the way we spotted a free pitch so we shot back to the van, packed up and took it up to the new pitch.  It was much better there and we were within easy walking distance of the showers and reception, and away from the dog walk path too!

We checked emails and did some other computer stuff.

We went back to the van and I vacuumed inside, Paul tried to set up the satellite dish but we were now a long way south and the signal was interrupted by trees on the hillside.  Paul said it's a good thing we bought the signal meter as it's a bit more precise and easier to set up.  He finally managed to get a reasonable signal, so at least we could watch TV.

It was very hot today so we sat outside although I needed to be careful I didn’t burn.  The showers were great, the best we've had so far, so we had a lovely long shower.  The first I've had for three days and I think it's four days for Paul, ugh smelly tramps ha ha!
Just managed to get a satellite signal

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