16th May 2009

Tina: The BBQ was really nice last night.  This is a lovely campsite actually. There’s tons of stuff like little pieces of cotton wool floating down from the trees. We don’t know what it is, but there’s masses of it. We had our breakfast out in the sun and then sat around doing not very much except for some washing.  I stuck it in the camp machine and Paul set up our washing line so I could hang it out to dry in the sun.  We walked over to the restaurant for lunch.  It was really pretty looking over the mountainside.  There was a big baptism party there and they were all dressed up in their finery, it’s obviously a big event here. We took some photos and video.  I had a sleep in the afternoon - that’s what one glass of wine does to me if I drink at lunchtimes!  We had cheese and biscuits for dinner as we’d eaten a big meal at lunchtime.  I played AC and we went to bed.
Reasonable sized pitch - nice and shaded
Lovely Restaurant overlooking the mountains
A beautiful reservoir below us
Tina's not sure about being up this high ha ha!

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