5th May 2009

We didn’t bother to shower; we just had breakfast and left the campsite. We stopped for shopping at Leclerc with the idea of having a BBQ lunchtime at the next campsite but it didn’t work out like that. We didn’t like the next campsite, nor the next one, or the one after that, and we ended up having cheese and tomatoes as we were driving.

We drove back and forth between Biscarrosse and Sanguinet looking at dozens of campsites, but we didn’t like any of those either.  The problem is that it’s out of season, and many of the sites haven’t really opened up properly. Most of the facilities are closed, the shower blocks are closed up and the reception staff are very rude on occasions.  Also there are no maintenance staff so everything’s a bit tawdry.  But then we found a nice site overlooking a bay and marina, with a really friendly receptionist who spoke excellent English.  She told us they were not yet open as the whole site had been damaged by the nasty storms they’d had in January, and they were still re-building and repairing everything. Just our luck!!  So we carried on driving and after another hour we found a site in Pyla-sur-Mer called Village Centre La Foret, right next to the world’s biggest sand dune! OMG, you should see the size of it, 3 km long and 500 mtrs wide. We sat outside to eat our dinner once we’d pitched up -see we’re even learning the lingo, camping lingo that is not French - and I took loads of photos.

I went to do the dishes on my own and it was lovely as there were people of many different nationalities all doing their dishes.  I spoke to a man to tell him -in French - that there was hot water, but he didn’t understand French, so I spoke in English and he understood me.  He was Dutch, or German I think, well not French or English anyway.

I’ve decided I really want to climb up the dune tomorrow even though I’m terrified of heights. Not right to the top ‘cos it’s 350 feet high and looks really scary, but I’ll see if I can pluck up enough courage to do it. We met another English couple who came and pitched next to us, so after our BBQ we invited them to our van for a drink, our first time entertaining visitors which was nice.

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