4th May 2009

We stayed at Fran & Ted’s until 4th May, but then we left as Ted, being unwell, found it very difficult having us around.  We said we’d return on 11th May to house sit.  I had offered Paul to drive Fran to the hospital in Bordeaux each day to save her having to pay for hotels and things for which she was very grateful. We'll stay out for this week and go back on Sunday.

We got some shopping at Leclerc - where else? – then drove down to Leon, which is on the west coast in an area called Les Landes.  We found a campsite called Punta Lago, which was okay - at least the showers and loos looked a bit better  - and we could get a Wifi signal in the outside bar area.  We’d had lunch on the way – we stopped by the roadside – so we’ll have dinner in the van tonight.  Escalopes with salad. We’ve been really good with our diet this last week.  I’ve had real trouble with my shoulder and arm all week.  It hurts so much, even Fran’s extra strong painkillers didn’t shift it, but there’s nothing I can do about it whilst we’re travelling.  I'll just have to wait until we get back to the UK.

Typical Les Landes Area

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