7th May 2009

The next morning we got up early and drove back to Fran and Ted’s to collect my things, which Fran had left outside the back door as they’d gone out.

We stopped at a Leclerc to stock up on provisions, and had one of their delicious pizzas for lunch followed by chocolate mousse, mmmm wonderful. After a longish drive we found a nice campsite from the ACSI guide in the direction of Pau in the Pyrenees near a place called Aignan.  The campsite was quite isolated and run by a lovely Dutch couple who were very welcoming and friendly. We sat outside in the warm evening sun and shared a bottle of wine with them.  We’re glad we did,  it’s such a wonderful way of life.  There will be times when I think we’ll hate it, but hopefully times like this will make up for it. We had some dinner, washed up and went to bed.  It rained quite heavily in the night with thunder and lightning so it’s good we were on a solid hardstand pitch.
Camping du Castex near Aignan

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