10th May 2009

We had a good night’s sleep despite the loud Spanish music playing until late in the evening, the Spanish are quite noisy people. Jean told us they would all be going home today as most were just down for the weekend.  She was right! By about 1 p.m, the area was almost empty again. We had breakfast sitting outside in the sun and then took some washing to the laundrette.  We bought some other bits in the camp shop - some tie downs and a water carrier - then walked to the beach, which was only about 100 metres away.  It was lovely - clean and fresh.  We came back, collecting the laundry on the way, and put up a washing line to dry it all.
Very civilised pitch with our own sink
Just another day in Sunny Spain
Tina made a salad for lunch - tuna, eggs, butterbeans, lettuce and tomato.  It’s actually got a bit chilly now.  We might take a walk to the off-site supermarket and try to get some chicken for a barbecue tonight.  Tina wants some rubber gloves to do the chicken as she doesn’t like touching meat, and I think we asked them for ‘laxative gloves’ rather than just latex ones.  Ha ha!

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