27th May 2009

We got up early, Paul showered but I didn't bother. He said the showers were full of dead spiders and stuff, yuck!  So I filled in one of their suggestion forms and said in addition to providing hot water in the dishwashing area they should also clean the showers more often to get rid of the spiders!
We left and drove to the outskirts of Lisbon and another Orbitur campsite on the Costa Caparica.  It sounded good and it was within a short bus ride of Lisbon. It was a very long drive and the temperature was about 35 degrees.  Phew, even with air conditioning it was still very warm.  I think this is the hottest weather I've ever experienced.  It may have been as hot in Singapore when I lived there with Mum and Dad but I can't remember as I was only young.  We stopped by the side of the road in the shade and had a lunch of cold meat, cheese and salad and then pushed on to Lisbon.  God it's so hot! We found the campsite and it's quite nice. We’ve just spoken to a couple who said the showers are a bit rubbish - water not very hot - but it's convenient for the bus to the city so it's okay.  We chose a pitch with some shade but there was a car parked on it, so we found the owner - a Dutch caravanner and asked him to move.  We may stay here for a few days.  I'm off to make a chilli for dinner now - a strange thing to have in this heat - but apparently it does cool you down eating hot chilli.

I had a nice glass of wine whilst writing up the journal, and we sat in a shady spot so it wasn’t too bad. I forgot to mention that on the way up to Lisbon, we saw some more Storks/Cranes in the nests so took some more pictures. Hopefully at least one will come out okay.

A baby Stork on a lamp post!
Outskirts of Lisbon
Camping Costa Caparica - right in the town
Flipping cats again!!

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