11th May 2009

Tina’s been bitten on the ankle by something.  Maybe a mosquito, or I suspect it’s a horsefly.  It’s swollen up badly and she can hardly walk.  We walked up to the supermarket and got four bottles of wine and a couple of bottles of water, which we had to carry all the way back to the van.

We didn’t do much in the afternoon just sat and relaxed, read and played music.  It was really nice to just chill out.  Tina’s foot is very sore so we can’t do a lot anyway.  She made some cards when she sat outside; it’s not very sunny but still warm. We had dinner and then asked another English couple who were pitched in the next row to us - Felix and Margaret - over for a drink.  They were quite friendly but she was a bit strange – would never answer a question properly. Weird woman!

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