29th May 2009

We left Costa Caparica after a couple of days, the heat was too much, and we thought we’d find somewhere further north, away from the city.  We want to head into Green Spain as it will be cooler there and Pauls' not been there before.  It would be a long journey and we didn't think we’d get there in one day, so we looked for a campsite we could stay in for one more night in Portugal. Bloody hell, we got totally lost coming out of Lisbon in an attempt to avoid toll motorways.  In the end, after about an hour, we gave up and took the motorway north towards Oporto and we had to pay about €20 in tolls. Phew, glad we're out of Lisbon now, but so disappointed as we were trying to do this whole trip without paying tolls and now that's ruined. Things got even worse when we realised we were heading in the wrong direction and needed to get across the river so we then had to pay an additional toll for the bridge!  Grrr!
We eventually arrived at the new campsite which was about 100 miles north of Lisbon- another Orbitur one called Gala Parque de Campismo.
Orbitur Gala Parque de Campismo
They told as at reception that in the park next door there was an event on this weekend, so it was quite busy and we had a job to find a good pitch.  The site was very sandy and all the pitches were hemmed in behind small hedges.  As the van is quite large, it was difficult to slot in somewhere.  Nevertheless we finally managed it but had some problems trying to get levelled off. We had a nice barbecue and Paul sat out playing guitar.  He realised that he had been eaten alive by mossies when he came to bed.  Oh dear!
It was a hot night and we drifted off to sleep eventually, only to be woken at about midnight by the loudest music you have ever heard and it was mainly bass and drums !  We couldn't believe it.  I actually got up and walked to reception to complain but as you'd expect there was nobody about except a security guard who told me the music would go on for about four hours.  Apparently there was a music festival in the park next door.  Pity the stupid receptionist hadn't told us that when we checked in, we could have decided not to stay.  Other campers didn't seem too disturbed, but for us it was a nightmare.  Although it was very warm we had to shut all the windows and the roof and everything to try and deaden the sound.  It didn't work!  I finally got up and sat at the computer sorting out photos.  We both got about two hours sleep were thoroughly pissed off. This was the worst night we’d had on our trip so far.  I hope it doesn't get any worse!

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