18th July 2009

We packed up the van in the drizzling rain early this morning and Paul was attacked by thousands of midges as soon as he stepped outside.  If this is what it's like by the lochs, imagine what it's like in the Western Isles where the midges have a ferocious appetite.  I think we'll give that part of Scotland a miss thank you.

We headed up to Inverness and stopped again at Tesco for provisions.  It seems a bit of a nuisance having to shop every few days but we can only store so much frozen and cold food as the fridge/freezer isn't enormous.  In any case we're getting used to it now. We also got a new cooking timer and Paul bought a satellite finder meter in Maplins, on the same estate as PC World.

We headed north, making ultimately for John O’ Groats.  There was quite a lot of traffic, especially cyclists, and it made the roads pretty hairy as there isn't enough room to pass cyclists, especially when they choose to travel two abreast.

We stopped at the northernmost point in the UK and took some photos.  A group of bikers took some photos of me and Paul so we reciprocated and took some for them too. We bought some postcards to send home and had a wander over the headland and dock area.  The weather is very damp and misty but the rain has held off a bit.  We said that we'd go back and visit Land's End later in this trip so we can say we went from one end of the UK to the other.
John O Groats

We left and drove to the campsite at a place called Dunnets Head. It's another caravan club site so it's clean and tidy and the facilities are okay.  The weather however is so misty you can't see anything around you.

There are people on the next pitch and their children are running wild, jumping over people's guy ropes and running over their pitches, but the parents don't seem to care.  Grrr kids!  I went on my computer and also played AC and watched TV.

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