20th July 2009

We left the campsite and headed back towards Inverness, stopping at the big Tesco store again. Apart from bread and milk, we bought some new trainers, mine were half price down from £35 and Paul's were also cheap.  We realised when we got back to the van that mine were slightly different colours.  No wonder they were cheap.  Here's hoping that as they wear, the colours will equalise a bit.

We drove through some wonderful scenery again up over the Cairngorms and there was snow at the top.
Typical Scottish river
Heather just starting to colour
We stopped to take some video but as we hadn't used the camera for ages, the battery was flat so I took some photos instead of the weird patchwork heather across the fields, and found loads of pinky heather flowers.  It was a little early for full bloom but nevertheless gave the hills a pinky purple glow.  It was beautiful. We also stopped at a Scottish Castle which was full of tourists so we didn't go in.
Scottish Castle
We tried to visit Balmoral, which is the Queen's Scottish residence but again there were too many people and the price to get in was a bit steep for our budget.  We then drove to find our next campsite which is the Invercauld Caravan Club site in the village of Braemar, right next to Balmoral. As with all Club sites, it's very neat and tidy and there are a lot of ducks wandering about.  Surprisingly considering the weather, it was quite busy.  The weather is pretty dismal now, wind and plenty of rain so after setting up and Paul having a shower, we stayed in the van and read.
Invercauld Campsite Braemar

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