30th July 2009

We left Thirsk very early, we were on the road by 8am, and stopped on the way and bought Paul some fishing gear as the campsite we are heading to this week has a fishing lake and Paul wants to do some fishing.
Sherwood Forest visitor centre

We also stopped at Sherwood Forest and had a walk around the visitor centre and drove through Bakewell before arriving at this site.  It's set right in the middle of the Peak District and again is a typical Caravan Club Site.  They are well equipped and well laid out, but a bit boring really and this is miles from anywhere so nothing to do unless you like potholing or exploring caves.  We found a nice quiet pitch but no sooner had we set up, than two families in caravans on the next but one pitch came back from their day out and proceeded to have a BBQ and party with loads of kids running about everywhere including backwards and forwards over our pitch.  Why can't people respect others when they do this and at least keep their kids under control?  The adults just stood round the BBQ and allowed the kids to do whatever they wanted.

We stuck it out until 9pm, hoping that they’d pack up and quieten down, but they didn't, so we packed the van quickly and moved to another pitch.  So glad we can do this in a few minutes.  Grrr, noisy kids and barking dogs, the two worst things for us.
Losehill Campsite Peak District

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