26th July 2009

Tina: Didn't do much again today as the weather is still rubbish.  We're getting a bit fed up with being stuck in the van, it's been raining almost non-stop for two weeks now.  It's great when you can open your door and your garden is the whole outside world, but stuck indoors you notice how small your living space actually is.

We talked about what we’d change if we did this again and I think one thing we both agreed on was a different van layout.  It would be nice to have some extra lounge space and that means a foldaway master bed.  We decided that it might be worth the compromise of having to make the bed up each night and being able to have a rear lounge area to use during the day.  See, we said you should take time when choosing a Motorhome, but some things you can't be sure of until you've actually tried it.

This weather has given me the opportunity to get on with my novel, I'm nearly finished now, 84,000 words.  Done the bit about Felicity being stalked, all that's left is Mollie & Graham's wedding, the girls shopping for outfits, then Graham giving Molly the keys to the tea-room at their reception.
Played AC for a bit and tried to format a copy of my book but it was taking too long so I gave up.  We had shepherd's pie for dinner, watched TV, did the dishes and went to bed.

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