6th July 2009

We left Kendal and headed towards Coniston as there was a Caravan Club site there. We needed to get some provisions and as there was a Tesco at Barrow-in-Furness and a hospital, we decided to head there first and see if I could get a doctor to look at my shoulder, which was still giving me problems.  Four hours later we were none the wiser as x-rays showed nothing specific and the doctor couldn't suggest anything else.  He suspected that it was a rotator-cuff injury which wouldn't show up on x-ray anyway. What a waste of time!  The only thing I can do is have a scan so I have to wait until we've stopped travelling to arrange that.
We got some shopping at Tesco and arrived late at the Park Coppice Caravan Club site because we got a bit lost and had to back track. The roads we were on were too small to turn round easily. It then took us ages trying to find a suitable pitch as they are all under trees and in the forest, where we wouldn’t get a satellite signal.  The site is very busy.  Although we did finally get a TV signal, we couldn't get internet.  We had a shepherd’s pie for dinner and chatted to some of our fellow campers who are really friendly, then watched TV till bedtime.
Park Coppice Caravan Club site Coniston

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