21st July 2009

I had a really bad night last night.  Woke up about 1am because my shoulder was hurting and I had restless legs.  Horrible night!

We got up and the rain had stopped so Paul took one of the carpets outside and beat it to death, whilst I did some washing in the camp laundry.  I put it in the tumble drier but it didn't do much! As the weather had improved, I hung it outside to dry off properly, but the wind got up and Paul had to take the awning down so I had to hang the washing in the van to dry.  Not ideal.

I slept in the afternoon as I was so tired after last night.  We had a roast dinner in the evening but it didn't turn out too well.  The gravy was horrible and Paul had chosen a summer roasted vegetable mix and it just didn't go with the rest of the meal. So, a bit disappointing really.  Never mind, I'll have a look in the freezer and see what we can have tomorrow.
Mmmmm don't mention Hoi Sin Sauce!!
Please can we have some bread?
And us too!

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