14th July 2009

I wrote some more of my book yesterday and spent most of today writing too.  I'm determined to finish it and start the editing.  Paul sat and read and played his guitar.  I feel that we should be doing more though, this is the trip of a lifetime and we seem to be doing normal boring things, shouldn't we be out and about visiting places?  On the other hand we're not on holiday, this is everyday living for us so does it really matter?

We see lots of things as we travel, wonderful scenery, we meet lots of new people so I should be satisfied with that.

I played AC this morning so no need to again today.  I have to play it each day or else all my flowers wilt and die and I have to spend ages going round watering them.  What was I saying about doing boring things ha ha!  Anyway, I'm going to play every other day from now on and I'll lose a few flowers.
Hotel / Pub opposite campsite gates
View over the Trossachs
Yet another visitor

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