10th August 2009

Left the site about 9am and headed back into Wales towards Snowdonia.  We want to see some of the mountains and valleys.   We stopped at a Tesco in Shrewsbury and stocked up with food.  It was a very long drive although we did detour to Snowdon and Port Merion.  Trouble was it rained again and was very misty so we couldn't see much really.
Into the mountains of Snowdonia
As we couldn't see much on the journey, we didn't have much of an impression of Wales which was probably unfair, I'm sure it's amazing but you do need to see it to form an opinion!

We arrived at the campsite at around 5pm and set up.  We were both tired as it had been a long day, 8 hours in the van, and Tina doesn't like lots of driving.

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