23rd August 2009

We left Bagwell Farm about 08:15 and we are now headed for Longleat in Wiltshire.  The Caravan Club have a campsite right on the Wildlife Park and we are quite excited about staying amongst the Lions and other wild animals.  We only stopped for fuel on the way as we have enough food to last us. I didn't eat that much at the BBQ yesterday just one sausage and half a hamburger and some of the rice stuffed mushrooms that Steve cooked.

On the way, we stopped at Webb's Caravans at Warminster to get a new catch for the fridge door and an awning pole which had broken.  They weren't overly helpful or friendly, what a contrast to Johns Cross in Kent.

We arrived at Longleat about 11:30 and for a change the weather was warm and sunny so we sat outside for a bit and had some lunch.

I did some editing in the afternoon and we then came and sat outside again in the evening with a nice glass of wine.  We can hear the sea lions barking from here as we are actually in the middle of Longleat grounds, just behind the house.  They say you can hear the lions roaring in the night, I hope they don't escape!

We noticed that they have a fish and chip van visit on Tuesdays so we might have that for dinner mmm!

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