1st August 2009

We really needed some provisions, food mainly, so we drove to Macclesfield via Buxton.  We stopped in a Sainsbury to get our shopping and when we came out and were putting the shopping away inside the van, a man of about Paul's age parked next to us and proceeded to get out and bang his car door on the side of our van.  Paul went out and said to him, ‘That's right, just slam your door into the side of my van, it only cost me £45,000!’  The man started to walk away and said as an aside, ‘well you shouldn't take up so much space then’.   He then turned and put his face right up against Paul's so they were face to face, well as he was a bit taller than Paul, face to nose, and they were both arguing.  Then Paul said, ‘Stop winding me up or I'm gonna break your nose for you.’ Well that made me laugh.  I went outside and got in between them to stop it escalating, and told the bloke to shut up and that we were entitled to do our shopping as much as he was, and if there was no room why didn't he just find another spot rather than damage our vehicle.  He called a parking attendant over and said we were taking up too much room and shouldn't be allowed to park in this car park. To his surprise, the parking attendant said, ‘They're okay there.’  Well the other man wouldn't leave it and kept on at Paul until the attendant told him to pack it in and go and do his shopping.

Ha ha I thought that it was all really funny, although Paul was getting quite worked up about it.  We left the car park before the man came back.  It just shows you that some people are really inconsiderate and no matter how careful you are parking, they think you’re a nuisance and will think nothing of damaging your property because they are jealous I suppose.

We drove on to a Tesco as I needed the loo and we stopped and ate our lunch in their car park being careful not to upset anyone else ha ha. We then went to a fishing tackle shop and Paul bought some bait for fishing although I wouldn't let him buy maggots.  He’d have wanted to put them in the fridge and I'm not having that ugh!

We got back to the van and I did some more editing and Paul went on the computer.

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