30th August 2009

We got up and showered.  The facilities were very clean and tidy and didn't smell, unlike most of the French ones.  We had breakfast outside and as the weather was nice, Paul stayed outside and fiddled with his computer while I stayed inside.

Then a load of bigger boys turned up to play football.  We found out later that it was the local town team and they were pretty serious players.  Obviously the noise increased dramatically with lots of shouting from the pitch.  Then we caught a bunch of them standing by the river right opposite where we were pitched and they were all peeing in the river.  Bloody hell, footballers are the same everywhere, no thought for other people, didn't care about exposing themselves or anything.  Paul complained to one of the gardeners who was tidying up the site.

The football didn't stop until about 4:30 so we had noise all afternoon really.  So Paul took all the carpets out of the van and hoovered them.  We had dinner and watched TV as we could just about get a satellite signal.

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