21st August 2009

We moved on from Cornwall and headed for Weymouth.  We're booked into another private site which Paul's niece Lisa's husband works on. We stopped en route at Tesco in Dorchester and stocked up with food including burgers and salad stuff as we're having a BBQ with Steve & Ann and their daughter and her kids.

We arrived at Bagwell Farm and met Lisa's husband Dritan at the reception, and he led us down to a pitch where we saw Steve & Ann's motorhome, couldn't miss it really as it has a bright orange roof ha ha.  He parked us alongside.  The site is a sort of terraced layout with steep banks at the back of each pitch.  Unfortunately Paul caught the back of the van on the bank as he was manoeuvring but there's no real damage just a mark.
Bagwell Farm - Steve & Anne's Hoochy
After about an hour Steve & Ann arrived with Elenna.  Had a nice afternoon with them and then Lisa turned up later on.  Dritan and Lisa then left to go home and we went to a nearby pub for dinner with Steve & Ann.

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