11th August 2009

We had a bit of a contretemps with a couple on the pitch behind us last night.  Whilst I was setting up the satellite Tina overheard the occupants of the pitch, a rather fat handicapped man and his wife, comment that it was ‘amazing how some people couldn’t be without TV for five minutes.’  This was said in a loud voice that we could hear quite clearly so his obvious intent was to be rude.  So Tina said to him that if we were on holiday for two weeks then we would do without TV, but as we were travelling for a year we looked forward to having a TV available.  Cheeky git, someone will thump him one day, handicapped or not.

Our pitch was on a steep slope and I'd had trouble trying to get us level so decided to move to another pitch that had become available. After moving I took a walk up the road as there is another fishing lake close by and I intended to go fishing again.  However, it started to drizzle with rain and I'm only a fair-weather fisherman so decided not to go. We both spent the rest of the day on the computer.

Lovely weather we're having this summer NOT! I think it's the worst summer we've had for years.
Shawsmead campsite Llanarth

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