26th August 2009

Paul:  I've booked us on the Eurotunnel train for Friday and we are going to try touring through Belgium and Holland on our way to Germany.  We’ve heard some good and bad things about Germany so we're interested to see what it's really like.  I also want to show Tina some mountains as she's never really seen big ones and we are going to try and get as far as Austria and Switzerland.  The provisional plan is to gradually work our way down towards Spain again for the winter, but as we can't get a TV signal beyond there, and as 3 have stopped providing free internet access in Austria, I think it more likely that we'll come back to England again once the weather deteriorates.

On the way to Littlehampton, we stopped off at a caravan accessory store in Southampton and bought a whirly washing line and Tina pinched an end cap for one of the chairs, naughty.  What she didn't know is I had done the same thing and so now we had a spare as well!

We stopped at Tesco in Chichester and arrived at the campsite in Littlehampton about 3:30.  This is a newly opened site next to the amenity tip just on the edge of town but don't be put off,  it's a nicely laid out site.  All the showers are brand new and the wardens are very friendly.
Littlehampton Caravan Club site
Tina played AC in the afternoon until Sandy came and collected us about 5:30 and we went to their house for dinner and to sort out our mail and things.  Tina and Sandy were looking at Jo's wedding dress (Sandy's daughter) which was apparently lovely and only cost £50, it was made in China.  You order your own design from a shop on e-Bay and then the design is sent to China where they make it and ship it back to you.

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