8th August 2009

We drove to a fishing tackle shop close by the campsite as I wanted to buy a few extra things, some more bait and a better reel as the one with the basic kit was exactly that, basic.  We then came back to the campsite and went fishing again.  It took a bit of time to set up the new stuff because the line kept being dragged off the reel by the wind.  I had to rewind the new line I'd bought, but once I'd done that everything was fine and we spent the afternoon by the lake.

Although there are no monsters in the lake I caught a good few mirror carp and some bream all about 2-3 lbs and Tina was doing a great job landing them all in the landing net.  She was enjoying herself and she didn't think she would do at all.  She even tried to remove a hook from a fish but as soon as she touched it, it wriggled and she screamed and dropped it ha ha!

We stopped about 5pm and went back to the van.  A large glass of wine and a casserole that Tina had been cooking in the slow cooker finished the day off rather nicely.  We were both tired and ready for bed, must be all this fresh air.

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