9th August 2009

Didn't do any fishing today as we decided we'd have lunch in the campsite restaurant. Our food took ages to arrive, nearly an hour for starters, and although it was good, we couldn't eat it all which was a bit of a waste.

Tina has been complaining of indigestion at night recently, I guess it's because we do seem to have been eating a lot of carbs and sugar and bread since we came back to the UK.  We must try and cut back a bit.  Also smaller portions are a good idea!

Tina edited her book in the afternoon and I sat out in the sun, I'm actually getting a bit sunburned now.  I had a snooze.  Tina made a rice pudding in the slow cooker for dinner.  It was nice but Tina thought it wasn't up to much.  And she's a rice pudding expert!

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