22nd August 2009

We got up early and I had a shower at 7 am, I often wake up this early.  We walked to a car boot sale in the next field with Steve & Ann.  I don't think we are really car boot sale people because most of what we saw was other people's rubbish and it started to drizzle with rain as well.
Played Wii in the afternoon for a couple of hours as Steve & Ann had some things to do.  They came back about 3:30 and started setting up the BBQ's.  Steve had two and we had one and there was plenty to drink.

Steve at the BBQ Bagwell Farm
We even tried some of Steve's vegetarian food.  Lisa and Dritan turned up and also Moira, Ann's sister and we had a pleasant afternoon chatting and playing music.

Paul & I turned in about 8pm as I was tired and it was getting cold. The campsite is quite nice and has a bathroom with an actual bath, first time we've seen that on any campsite, however, it's a little bit more expensive than we expected at £22 per night.  Lisa & Dritan bought us a couple of pottery ducks to put outside our van when we are pitched. Aww that was nice of them.

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