2nd August 2009

Didn't do much today, I went on the computer and Paul read his book and fiddled about with the van. In the evening we sat outside with the i-Pod playing through the docking station and Paul was playing his guitar.  A couple opposite were actually singing along to some of the songs although it wasn't very loud. Suddenly a man walked over to us from a pitch about 50 meters away and asked us to turn the music off.  This was about 7pm and we were waiting for our dinner to cook. No one else had complained, what a miserable sod!  You’d have thought that people would enjoy a little music, it was mostly country stuff like The Eagles, Cat Stevens.  I wandered down to where they were pitched and I couldn't hear a thing except a car next to them that had a radio playing so I don't know what their problem was!

We watched TV and I played AC.

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