31st August 2009

Another lovely sunny start to the day, probably the best weather we've had since June in Portugal.  I got some washing done and we sat out in the sun.

As the campsite had a restaurant, we decided we’d treat ourselves and have lunch there.  It wasn't expensive, €6.80 each for a three-course meal so we were a bit wary.  It was a fixed menu so no choices, but at that price I thought it would be okay and I should try it.  Well the starter was smoked bacon soup, which was nice, followed by a cold beef and onion salad with sauté potatoes.  I didn't like that very much as it was actually three different kinds of meat and I wasn't sure what it all was so I left a lot of it.  Paul seemed to enjoy it though. Dessert was a strawberry mousse type thing and as the waiter noticed I had left a lot of my main course, he brought me a large serving of the mousse.  Unfortunately I didn't like that either.  Such a fuss pot, Paul ate all his and most of mine as well!

When we got back to the van we found that the clothes dryer had fallen over and our clothes were all over the ground.  I don't know how that happened because Paul had staked it to the ground.  There was a Dutch couple on the next pitch and they must have seen it happen, but they did nothing, just left them all lying there.  Paul noticed that they had a big ACSI banner inside their car and he heard them later up at reception talking to the owner.  Turns out they were ACSI inspectors.  Hmm, not very thoughtful or helpful ones eh?

We had a light dinner, just some tinned salmon with salad potatoes and then watched TV.  It was a much quieter day, no football.

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