11th June 2009

I had another really bad night with my shoulder, the worst yet.  It didn't matter how I lay, even swapping sides with Paul.  I took some strong pain killers in the end but they don't do a lot.  Paul was awake most of the night too with an itching groin- what a pair we are!
I got up and had a shower and the weather was a bit drier at least, then after breakfast we paid and set off again.  We stopped at a Leclerc for lunch and bought some tins of local biscuits as presents, then we drove to our next campsite near St Malo. It's a nice site, well looked after with big pitches.  We had a bit of hassle, the pitches are all ‘booked’ apparently and none of those we were offered were suitable, all in amongst the trees so no sun and no TV signal. Paul went back to reception and told them that we couldn't find a suitable pitch and he was told he could try some others.  Luckily we found one that was fine and Paul set up the van.  I feel bad as I can't do a lot with my shoulder being the way it is, I can feel it just writing this, but Paul seems to manage okay.
Le P'tit Bois near St Malo
I sat out in the sun with him for a bit, but had to go and have a lie down for a while to try and catch up on my missed sleep. Yes! We finally had a bit of sun.
We were hoping to catch a bus into St Malo tomorrow, but the bus stop is about 2 kilometres away and we don't want to walk that far. Besides, after our disaster in Lisbon, we don't know where the bus will drop us. It might not be anywhere near the shops and things. I'll just do some washing instead and get that dried while we can.  I'll have to use the camp machine as I can't do it by hand at the moment, it hurts too much.  Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow, we think we've had enough rain to last us the rest of the trip actually. We have a largish bucket now so I can leave the washing soaking in that overnight and Paul can wring it out tomorrow.  The sun has gone again, 6.40pm so I'm going in to cook some dinner, Tortilla I think.

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