20th June 2009

Got up and showered then got the Park & Ride from Coypool to Plymouth Town Centre.  I wanted to see if I could get my hair done at Debenhams.  They were able to fit me in but the woman stylist was useless and my hair was a real mess.  Paul came back from shopping and had bought a black leather waistcoat from Dingles after we spent ages walking round the whole of town looking for one and then noticed my face and asked what was wrong?  I complained to the manager, a young girl and she took over and re-did my hair without charging me.  I only intended to have it trimmed but the stupid woman had taken about two inches off all over and then the new girl had to cut a bit more to tidy it up again.

Got the bus back to Riverside and Maria came to visit again and also Wayne, Kirsty and Abby.  We sat around and chatted for the rest of the afternoon, had dinner, watched Casualty and played AC.

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