4th June 2009

We got up, didn't bother with showers, packed up the van and left to try to find the campsite near Biscarrosse in the Les Landes that we found on the way down, but had been closed because of the storms. The people had been really nice to us so we hoped we could go back.  We did find it, Le Grand Pins, but not all the pitches were open and those that were, were quite small and had no shade so we carried on, to find something else.
We found a Campeole site but it was closed for lunch so we sat outside and had a sandwich, we’d stopped and bought fresh bread earlier mmmm! We drove to another site that had WiFi, but it was in the bar area so you had to buy a drink if you wanted to use the WiFi, and even then you were limited to one hour only.  We found another private site that was not in the ACSI scheme but it was really expensive at €28.  Paul managed to talk them down to €20.  The receptionist took us to look round the site in a golf cart but the pitches were really small and the site was no better really than other ACSI sites.  We said thank you and pressed on.  We went back to the Campeole site that had been closed for lunch. It’s okay and not very busy, but there are workman here and diggers driving up and down.  None of the pitches are shaded either.  We should have stayed at Le Grand Pins after all ha ha!  Still there’s free WiFi although it’s very slow.  As I write this up, Paul is outside trying to get a satellite signal.  I expect we will have dinner out here in the sun later and then I'll play AC and go to bed. We might move again tomorrow.  I know it seems as if we are always on the move, but it's a nice pace of life.  If we don't like the feel of a place, we move on.  We drive for a while, look at the scenery and sites, do some shopping and then check into a campsite.  It's no hardship most of the time, it takes no time to set up the van, or to pack up and get going again.
Campeole Plage Yelloh Site
 Aww, I went into AC tonight and there was a message from my friend Lisa in America saying ‘are you online?’  I said ‘yes, go to messenger and we can chat.’  We spent about half an hour talking to each other on MSN, which was lovely as we haven't spoken for ages. We watched some TV tonight Yay! We got a decent signal finally so I watched East Enders and Holby.  I'm a happy bunny again now.  Played AC and went to bed.

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