21st June 2009

Dad came and collected us in his car and took us to their house.  Linda and Bill were there too and we had a nice time chatting and catching up, probably the most I've ever talked to Linda, and I've taken her email address too. I said I’d send her some of my short stories and some books she might like.  I had a look at Mum & Dad's new bathroom.  At the moment it's rather a mess, but it's going to look good with a big shower cubicle, a vast improvement on what they had before.

Dad took us back to Riverside about 12 noon & I did some washing and hung it up to dry.  I sat outside making cards for the rest of the afternoon.  In the evening we went and had the special roast dinner that the campsite laid on for Sundays. We'd been looking forward to our first roast dinner for months, and although it was edible, it wasn't as nice as the one we had there previously.

The campsite is okay, it's very convenient for us to go to Plymouth and to visit everyone, but the showers are rubbish, they're the push button ones and literally last about six seconds so you have to wedge your back against the button and hold it in so you can shower properly. I played AC and we watched the final episode of the series Supernatural.  Linda likes this series too so I sent her the web link to their site and also emailed her the other stuff I'd promised her.

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