22nd June 2009

Paul: Left Plymouth today and headed up to Taunton.  I wanted to go back to Vanbitz as we had a problem with the loop cable on the alarm system, it kept going off on its own.  Arrived mid morning and Eddie got someone to have a look and they decided to supply a new cable.  Hopefully this will fix the problem.  Then after a quick lunch we headed over to Charmouth in Dorset as we were working our way back towards Kent.  We found a great campsite called Wood Farm.  It is spread over the side of the rolling Dorset hills and we pitched up right at the top of the site and had a beautiful view over the hills.
Wood Farm Charmouth Dorset
Wonderful Rolling Dorset hills
It took a long time to get here, the bloody satnav took us through tiny little country lanes barely big enough for the van.  It was a bit hairy at times.

It wasn't quite warm enough to sit outside so we read, and Tina played AC and I went on the computer.

We couldn't get a dongle signal so we paid for the campsite WiFi which we hate doing.  It was £6 for four hours.  I do hate these companies who install it for the campsites and tell them how wonderful it will be for their customers and how much money they will make from it.  In fact customers just feel they are being ripped off and we didn't find anybody who ever paid to use it.  They would rather go without.  I think it’s done by the same companies who sell it and install it into hotels, but the business community is prepared to pay the exorbitant prices they charge.

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