19th June 2009

Tina:  Mum and Dad came over about 11:30am It was lovely to see them again.  We'd bought a couple of cheap foldaway camping chairs from Tesco so that we could seat more than two people.  Mum gave me some Avon skin cream which apparently does a great job as an insect repellent. We probably won't go to the West of Scotland now as we've heard there are lots of midges, and with my luck I'll probably end up in hospital with blood poisoning.

I gave them the Normandy biscuits we’d bought and the spoon rest, which they liked.  Paul did a barbecue and we had a lovely time chatting to them about our travels. They are having the bathroom done at home so they can't shower at the moment.  I said they could use the showers at the campsite but they didn't want to.
When they'd gone, Maria and the kids arrived and it was nice to see them too.  Emmanuel was better behaved, well he wasn't as noisy as usual but poor Maria can't have a second to herself.  A soon as she puts him down he runs off somewhere and she has to go chasing after him, God he's a handful, it made me tired just watching them!  They all liked their pressies too, I'm glad I bought them something, it's nice giving presents. When they'd gone we had dinner and watched TV for a while and I played AC.

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