15th June 2009

We got up quite late as I was playing AC after watching Supernatural on TV. I had a shower but the water was freezing cold so I don't think I'll bother tomorrow. We had breakfast and then set off to drive to Caen as we wanted to visit the D-Day museum.
On the way we stopped at a local Leclerc and then a Carrefour supermarket because I wanted to get some more presents for people back in England.  Neither had anything so we drove into Bayeux and found some tins of biscuits in a Leclerc to replace the ones we’d opened ourselves.  Then off to the D-Day museum at Bayeux and across the road to the cemetery where all the British soldiers are buried.
It’s really sad to see all these young men, some only 17 years old, who are now lying there.  There was a coach load of British school children in the cemetery and as Paul was looking at the wreaths, which had obviously been left there on the 6th June to commemorate the anniversary of the landings, one of the children grabbed a photo of a soldier that had been placed against one of the wreaths, and started to dance around with it in his hands.  This upset Paul. He told him off and said ‘show some respect’ you're in a cemetery.  He also had a word with one of the teachers who was standing nearby.
D-Day museum Bayeux
Bayeux British Cemetery
We got back to the campsite quite late.  We were going to have a quiche for dinner but as it was so late we decided to go to the campsite restaurant and asked the young Dutch couple (Vivienne and Dennis although his nickname was "Woody") if they wanted to join us. We had a pleasant meal and chatted to them over dinner and then they came back to our van afterwards for coffee.  Vivienne gave us a big bag of sweets and we swapped email addresses.  I played AC and then we went to bed.

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