13th June 2009

Bloody hell! I was bitten to pieces last night on both feet and my left elbow, and like last time it's all swollen!  Feckin’ mosquitoes. We got up, got ready and caught the bus to Mont Saint Michel.  We arrived about 10:15am and at first it wasn't too crowded but that didn't last long.  About an hour later it filled with people, was quite hot and too crowded. I walked up lots of steps to the entrance to the Abbey as I wanted to go to the top, Paul waited at the bottom at first, but I did manage to persuade him to come up to the middle level.  They were charging €8 each to go higher so I didn't bother. We came down and walked round the shops and bought a pottery spoon rest and some Betty Boop cards for Davina. We had thought of having lunch but everything was so expensive, and we’d already overspent on lunch yesterday so we ended up walking back to the site as the bus wouldn't be due for another two hours.  Ha ha I don't think Paul has walked so much for years!
I had a lie down when we got back cos my feet and elbow were swollen and painful.  Later I got up and made a curry for dinner which was pretty rubbish, a French Knorr jar of sauce and it had no flavour or spices in it at all. We did the washing earlier and we picked it in even though it wasn't totally dry.  I didn't sit outside all evening as I was worried I'd get bitten again, it's always in the evening as dusk falls that the mosquitoes come and eat you. I'll have to wait for these bites to go down before I risk any more, then I'll just smother myself in anti-insect stuff before sitting out.
Looking down on Paul on the lower level

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