1st June 2009

Got up early-ish, 08:15 even though we'd had a late boozy night.  I did some washing whilst Paul played around with the satellite dish.  We did manage to get a signal last night but no BBC channels and I wanted to watch Ashes to Ashes.  Well if we can't, at least we have some channels to watch.
We then walked into the town of Ribadesella which was about two kilometres away, not a half kilometre like the ACSI guide says!  We thought we might have some lunch but there weren’t many restaurants open, and those that were, were expensive and specialised in fish, yuck.  So we got some shopping in a supermarket and took a taxi back to the campsite.  We had bread, cheese and tomatoes for lunch. We didn't do much in the evening, it got cold, so we went inside, played MK and went to bed early.

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