25th June 2009

We got to Johns Cross about 09:30 and after going through the details of what needed doing, they got someone to drop us into Battle which is the nearest town.  I saw a hairdresser and went in to see if they had time to do my roots and surprisingly they had someone available right away.  So Paul went off to have a cooked breakfast.  My hair cost £40 which was slightly better than the £120 that Sarah Alexander in Reigate were going to charge me.  I was going to ask Sandy to help me put on a box colour, but now it's all done.

We stopped at M & S at Hedge End yesterday on the way down and I got something for Sandy's birthday.  One of the things was priced at £12 but when I got to the till they said it was £15!  After some discussion they let me have it for £12.  We then went to Sainsbury's next door and bought some food.  I then decided I would like one of the jewellery things I'd bought for Sandy but when we went back in to M & S they had marked them all up at £15 so I didn't bother.

After having my hair done I bought a sandwich as I was hungry and Paul had already eaten, and we phoned Johns Cross and asked someone to come and pick us up, they told us to call them when we’d had enough of shopping.

Paul:  One of the things we’d asked Swift to do was to replace our SatNav as it didn't have the maps of Spain and Portugal and some other countries were also missing.  One of the Johns Cross mechanics tried to load down a disc with the additional maps on but it failed and deleted all the maps we already had oops!  The mechanic was a young lad and he was really embarrassed so he went and got another complete SatNav unit from a new van and swapped it over.  It was an upgraded version so we were more than happy.  I now had the whole of Western Europe on one device.  I slipped the lad a fiver and he was chuffed.
Fixing the SatNav at Johns Cross
Johns Cross fixed all the outstanding problems, the main one being the rear mudguard, so we were very happy with the way they sorted things out for us and we were back to a pristine van again.

We then drove to a Homebase as Tina wanted a lay on type sun lounger but they didn't have any, why does nobody seem to stock sun loungers?  We returned to the campsite and spent some time putting things away and tidying the van and then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the sun.  We'll have dinner in a bit and watch TV, bed early and then up tomorrow to go to Sandy & Tony's in Littlehampton.  We've booked the Bognor Campsite again.

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