17th June 2009

Paul: Got up at a reasonable time, 9 ish I think and decided we'd go to Canterbury.  We'd heard that there was a good park and ride place and we could leave the van there and go shopping.  When we arrived we were surprised to find proper bays for Motorhomes, with fresh water and a waste disposal right by the bus station and all for £2.50 including the bus ride.  You can actually stay overnight for that, and apparently people who are catching early boats or trains for France often do.

We caught a bus into Canterbury and bought lots of bits that we wanted.  Tina bought two pairs of shorts and some tops, we got some books and we sorted out a Pay as You Go dongle with the local 3 shop.  All we had to do was buy a SIM card and then some £10 vouchers, which we could load on as we required.  I also topped up my phone, so we got quite a few things done in readiness for our UK tour.

We caught the bus back to the parking site, and then drove on to our next campsite, which was at Alderstead Heath near Redhill in Surrey. The idea was that we’d stay there for about five days until it was time to take the van to Johns Cross, the nearest Swift dealer in Kent.  We could also get a bus to Reigate to Tina's hairdresser and she could get her hair done. Well it turned out that the campsite was miles from Redhill and Reigate. It would have cost about £15 for a taxi, and the hairdressers was expensive too so we decided to just stay one night and in the morning head down to Plymouth for the weekend. We did the usual, ate dinner, watched TV and Tina played AC.
Alderstead Heath Campsite

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