3rd June 2009

We packed up ready to leave the site.  Vince and Sandra were leaving too.  It was a nice campsite, not a lot to do, but okay for a few quiet days relaxing in the sun.  I was a bit naughty as we lost the plug for our kitchen sink so I nicked two from the campsite washroom.  They fitted perfectly tut tut!
We stopped at a Leclerc supermarket for some shopping, we decided not to stay in Spain any longer but to head on back into France- and I got a pair of shorts and enough food to last us a few days, then we found a campsite to stay at just across the border from Hendaye.  It was quite late when we arrived as we’d spent a long time shopping.  This was Camping Du Lac at Ondres. We saw that it was completely empty, no caravans or motorhomes, nothing. We asked the lady owner if she was open and she said yes.  We asked about staying, what was the price and things.  She then proceeded to tell us that as we were over 3.5 tonnes we had to pay the highest price. We said it doesn't say that in our guide and she insisted that it did. Paul went and got our guide from the van and we asked her to point out where it said this.  She pointed to the Key letter "T" and said, "There it is."  When we looked the letter "T" indicates that the pitches are suitable for vehicles of more than 7.5 metre length and over 4 tonnes, no mention of increased prices. I said that she was trying to rip us off and she went on about motorhomes take up more room and use more of the facilities and more electricity so she wants to charge more.  Paul said "but you only provide 10 amps, how can we use more?"  She also said we have to pay a tourist tax in addition.  All this is contrary to her agreement with ACSI so we told her we will be reporting her to the ACSI Company and asking them to remove her from the guide. She was just a horrible money grabbing cow, so Paul said, "We're leaving." and off we went.
We found another site not too far away, Camping Sylvamar and this was quite nice, big pitches, lots of shade and as it's a Yelloh holiday site (French chain of holiday parks), lots to do on site.  These sites are nice but the extras are really expensive like WiFi at €13 per day which we didn't buy, and a restaurant with wine at €7.50 a glass so we didn't eat there, just had our quiche sitting outside the van.  Paul had to ask the people on the next pitch to lend us a bottle opener as ours had broken inside a bottle, breaking the neck and he couldn't get the cork out.  With the man's help Paul finally got the cork out and we had to decant the wine into our water jug.  I played AC and Paul read, then we went to bed.
Northern Green Spain

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